Design-A-Week 2010 – nr.15 – Lost? Lost!

2 07 2010

FIFA World Cup, travel, Battlefield Bad Company multiplayer, skateboarding, heat. Repeat.

That’s the lodown, the excuse, the pardon my absence.
The site redesign is still in progress, but an easy clean page will appear sometime in the next two months. The current design is leaning towards the newest Travel Series setup, with simple two-color straight-lined pages.

Bonk. Lost

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Design-A-Week 2010 – nr.14 – All Roads Lead To Bonk.

9 06 2010

Bonk. Don't Stop

Don’t stop, just bonk. Read the rest of this entry »

Who’s On Holiday?

17 11 2009

I am. In Hong Kong, about to go to Macau. Last week’s design is up on but Read the rest of this entry »

I Love DISCOUNTS! How I Save Money Buying All The Gear I Want

26 10 2009

Last week I stayed home sick for a day and spent most of it perusing the wide web of the world. At some point I came across an online snowboard store ( run by some dudes right down the street from me. It didn’t take long to find Anon Convict sunglasses for a mere 36 euros. I ordered. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m a hotel expert, a city sighter, and I like to take my time

10 09 2009

In my last post about Really Cheap Shit On I was merely trying to circumnavigate the fact that I hadn’t been designing, posting, blogging, and doing as I should be doing. I must admit, I love procrastinating. In fact, the Merriam-Webster Word Addition Committee is currently processing my application to become a further definition of “procrastination”.

However, I can gladly say that that is not the primary reason for not posting. It has been 6 weeks since I properly used Shotophop, but this is where I’ve been: Read the rest of this entry »