Where Is Snow Guaranteed? Cloud Seeding Gone Awesome

5 11 2009

Where is snow guaranteed? Nowhere.

However, the Chinese are quite the nifty little tricksters when it comes to weather and when it will change. It’s no news that the Chinese government (and many other governments around the world) have been investigating the usage of cloud-seeding. What they forgot in their latest experiment was that water freezes below 0°C… Read the rest of this entry »


Snow Farming & Preservation (How To Keep Snow For Next Season)

1 11 2009

Winter resorts, climate activists, skiers and snowboarders, and quite a few others have been fearing the end of white winters for years. Especially the snowboarders and skiers amongst us want winters with fresh fluffy flakes to lightly bounce through as we ride the pillows of white goodness down the mountain in the future.
This post isn’t going to provide ‘fresh’ snow, however it brings some insights on how to preserve the current snow for a great base (and even better future). Read the rest of this entry »

I Love DISCOUNTS! How I Save Money Buying All The Gear I Want

26 10 2009

Last week I stayed home sick for a day and spent most of it perusing the wide web of the world. At some point I came across an online snowboard store (snow24.de) run by some dudes right down the street from me. It didn’t take long to find Anon Convict sunglasses for a mere 36 euros. I ordered. Read the rest of this entry »