Design-A-Week 2010 – nr.16 – Not So Finnish

6 07 2010

Bonk Cross Flag

I can be dumb, I can be dumber, and sometimes I can just be blatantly pathetic. The latter sometimes applies at the same time as the former.
I was so enticed by the lovely blue that I managed to convince myself that adding white would give me the Finnish flag. I didn’t get any positive feedback from my Finnish posse, and slowly realized the mix up. On the good side, none of the Nordics use this color combo, although Iceland did use this exact version (minus the roads) ca. 1900.

We learned something new, and I have an option to go all Scandi with this one (at least the Swedes and the Finns will get one, we’ll see about the others).

As this would be the second in line of the Nordic Travel Series, kveðja!
– Bonkalicious

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Played while posting this post:
The Black Ghosts – Full Moon
Kelpe – Half Broken Heart
Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours

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