Best New Music 2010 – nr.22 – Skybox

15 04 2010

Skybox Album Cover

What if Simon & Garfunkel had tea and a joint with MGMT, The Descendants, and The KGB? You’d probably be fond of their offspring: Skybox.
The band has released two albums since forming in 2005. The first, Arco Iris (2006), was a bit more on the rocky side. The second, Morning After Cuts, was released January 2010 and has some über-chilled psychedelic-indie-rock-ness to it. Let’s have a listen. Read the rest of this entry »


Best New Music 2010 – nr.5 – Crash Kings

28 01 2010

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I like loud, rumbling pianos in rock music.

That being said, let me introduce you to Crash Kings and their lovely song “Mountain Man”: Read the rest of this entry »