I Love DISCOUNTS! How I Save Money Buying All The Gear I Want

26 10 2009

Last week I stayed home sick for a day and spent most of it perusing the wide web of the world. At some point I came across an online snowboard store (snow24.de) run by some dudes right down the street from me. It didn’t take long to find Anon Convict sunglasses for a mere 36 euros. I ordered. Read the rest of this entry »


Drop it like it’s hooot.

21 10 2009

Resorts around the world are opening several weeks earlier than planned due to heavy snowfall. Reading that makes us harder than icicles.

The previously announced first-line drop of shirts in September was quietly postponed due to Read the rest of this entry »

“I’m taking my goggles and going to the beach”

5 07 2009

I’m jammin’ to Bob Marley, it’s 29°C inside (for the Fahrenheiters: that’s too warm for indoors), the windows are wide open, plants are growing at rapid speed, the sun is shining, and I feel like I’m holiday. The only thing that’s missing is an ocean washing up softly in front of my apartment and beautiful women meandering across the hot sand of a Mediterranean beach. Oh, and the holiday is missing.

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5 01 2009

Design-A-Week at bonksnow.com
Design-A-Week is a project from BonkSnow.com. The idea is quite simple: at least one design or logo for every week of the year. No rules, no guidelines, no questions. Nothing but the weekly creativity. The designs are aimed to feed the Bonk. brand, appearing on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Posters and more. Check out the gallery here. Read the rest of this entry »