Design-A-Week 2010 – nr.15 – Lost? Lost!

2 07 2010

FIFA World Cup, travel, Battlefield Bad Company multiplayer, skateboarding, heat. Repeat.

That’s the lodown, the excuse, the pardon my absence.
The site redesign is still in progress, but an easy clean page will appear sometime in the next two months. The current design is leaning towards the newest Travel Series setup, with simple two-color straight-lined pages.

Bonk. Lost

Now that I have excused my tardiness, here’s one of my current favorites – made right when the final episode of ‘Lost’ came out. I got lost in ‘Lost’ somewhere around ep.2 of season 2. I did enjoy the show, but I had other things to do, and catching up seemed tougher than reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica in Spanish.

One person so far has figured out the squiggle, nobody’s got the numbers. Who can figure out both? Leave a comment if you think you know!

Toodly too tum tum,
– Bonkalicious

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Played while posting this post:
Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)
Raphael Saadiq – Keep Marchin’

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