What’s This All About?

Hi, I don’t know who you are… so for now – my name is Bonkalicious.

I like music, snowboarding, skateboarding, sailing, driving, biking, and some other things. As of late, I’ve intensified my Xbox gaming (that’s why my postings went from 1000% to 1.3%).

I love the internet, social media marketing, design, designing, and pretending I can do the aforementioned.

I am the web-designer, graphic designer, writer, and everything-elser of bonksnow.com and the Bonkalicious Blog. In the real world I am a music marketing consultant.

BonkSnow.com will one day sell streetwear to cool people…  if I ever make it away from my Xbox. Until then, I will provide great tunes for shredding, cruising, chilling, and pure enjoyment. I will SHARE all of the designs for Bonk.Apparel via the Design-A-Week Project – allowing you to select and approve anything I/we do.

Who knows, maybe this could become the first interactive clothing company, where you and I grow this brand together.

How about that?

Just stay in touch; follow me on Facebook AND Twitter (@Shredibility) – both have exclusive benefits (like free beer!).

Thanks for your support!

Frieden auf Bergen,


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