Design-A-Week 2010 – nr.03 – Playground Park

23 03 2010

Bonk Park Playground

If I were 6 years old, this is what I would draw. Read the rest of this entry »


The Quiet Before The Storm // Olympics, London, Music, More?

16 02 2010

There are two minutes and nineteen seconds left and the score is 3:1 for USA. Switzerland is putting on a good game, but the Americans just keep breaking through their plays. It’s Hockey. It’s the Olympics. The Winter Olympics. Read the rest of this entry »

Really Cheap Shit on

11 08 2009

I’ve been struggling to make something interesting for the Design-A-Week Project in the last few days and have also been procrastinating like a pro. Read the rest of this entry »

“I’m taking my goggles and going to the beach”

5 07 2009

I’m jammin’ to Bob Marley, it’s 29°C inside (for the Fahrenheiters: that’s too warm for indoors), the windows are wide open, plants are growing at rapid speed, the sun is shining, and I feel like I’m holiday. The only thing that’s missing is an ocean washing up softly in front of my apartment and beautiful women meandering across the hot sand of a Mediterranean beach. Oh, and the holiday is missing.

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The Best Magazine Cover Ever

5 07 2009
The best snowboard magazine cover ever (Rider: Marko Grilc - Girl: some russian chick - Photo: unknown

The best snowboard magazine cover ever (Rider: Marko Grilc - Girl: unknown - Photo: unknown

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Oogleable & Funkable: New Layout, New Playlists

19 03 2009

Our mothership ( recently recieved a bit of a facelift, a prosthetic, and a new emotion. The new layout provides more space for pictures, so oogling can commence at full throttle. An old shepherd carved some fantastic headers out of wood (but we painted them). We made the whole site happier by going white and baby blue in the background to lift your spirits and remind you of fluffy white powder on blue bird days.
Most importantly, we have finally set up the Playlists section! Although currently VERY basic, this section will be evolving on weekends and long nights when the players are playing. Music for riding, chilling, driving up/down the mountain, standing in a gondola with smelly tourists (yes!), or having some good old fireplace food with friends. We have it all.
Reader feedback welcomed and playlist suggestions can be submitted on this bonkalicious blog (just write us a comment) or you can send an email to

Frieden auf Bergen.
p.s. all designing currently on hold due to massive work overload and new found love for twitter. be sure to follow!

Bad Lighting Causes Nuclear Crash During Rushhour

17 02 2009

Tourists often claim that snowboarders and freeskiers are too wild, too dangerous, and just plain unnecessary on the slopes. A select few resorts have even banned this unacceptable behavior.
So we like to go fast. So we like to use lips and rollers to practice 360’s. So we get a kick out of spraying a pack of dutch skiers in jeans trying to slow down during their 1km/h ride. So we like to have some fun… But what were the French and British thinking when they managed to crash two nuclear submarines in the middle of the Atlantic? I would hope this mode of transport involves a big manual for the pilot entitled “handle with care”. On the other hand, we are speaking of the Atlantic – the middle of the Atlantic. There’s obviously limited space, traffic, scary creatures, and bad lighting… but a dead jellyfish would be better at avoiding big nuclear-powered monstrosities than these guys.
At least you know that tax money is providing funny stories for the morning news…