What Is Bonk. Planning For 2010?

25 02 2010

Last year was the first functioning year of bonksnow.com and the Bonkalicious blog. The Design-A-Week Project was completed (!!) against all personal expectations, and some of the designs don’t even look that bad.

A number of lessons have been learned and 2010 is going to be a time to adjust and move forward.
So, what are we going to do this year? Read the rest of this entry »


Drop it like it’s hooot.

21 10 2009

Resorts around the world are opening several weeks earlier than planned due to heavy snowfall. Reading that makes us harder than icicles.

The previously announced first-line drop of shirts in September was quietly postponed due to Read the rest of this entry »

I’m a hotel expert, a city sighter, and I like to take my time

10 09 2009

In my last post about Really Cheap Shit On bonksnow.com I was merely trying to circumnavigate the fact that I hadn’t been designing, posting, blogging, and doing as I should be doing. I must admit, I love procrastinating. In fact, the Merriam-Webster Word Addition Committee is currently processing my application to become a further definition of “procrastination”.

However, I can gladly say that that is not the primary reason for not posting. It has been 6 weeks since I properly used Shotophop, but this is where I’ve been: Read the rest of this entry »

Really Cheap Shit on bonksnow.com

11 08 2009

I’ve been struggling to make something interesting for the Design-A-Week Project in the last few days and have also been procrastinating like a pro. Read the rest of this entry »

Bonkalicious Goes Flickr

5 07 2009

After transferring over 18GB of photos to my external harddrive (to an already vast amount of older photos) – just so that I could add another 4GB from my new Nikon D90 – I decided it was time for a bit of show and tell. Considering bonksnow.com and the Bonkalicious Blog (that’s where you’re at right now) are part of my zero cost internet marketing experiment, it fits in like a pearl in an oyster.

Budding - my first upload to Flickr

"Budding" - the first upload to Bonkalicious on Flickr

Of course, there will still be galleries on bonksnow.com, and the best and bestesterest photos will always be found there. But there’s no escaping the power of Flickr, the ease at which people find and connect to you, and the fact that I have acquired yet another piece of prime ‘fake estate’ (my new name for online real estate).

So here it is, my shiny new Flickr account:

KP Fakie Varial Flip

KP Fakie Varial Flip

I was very disappointed to see Yahoo abusing its acquisition power by only allowing access through a Yahoo ID. I don’t use Yahoo services, and I don’t plan to. I have nothing against them, I just have a long and rather positive relationship with a certain other search & service provider (hint: misspell ‘goggle’). The registration process is just filled with so many clues to future spamming, information misuse, targeted advertising (where I don’t want to see it), and an abundance of ‘security questions’ which I have NEVER used.

In the summertime, when weather is hot

"In the summertime, when weather is hot"

But apart from that, I’m happy to share my photos with you. But don’t forget: the original galleries, photos, and bigger better sizes will still be hanging out at bonksnow.com!

Originals are always better...and bigger

Originals are always better...and bigger

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