Best New Music 2010 – nr.23 – Avi Buffalo

28 04 2010

Avi Buffalo have been popping up here and there more and more. Mentions and reviews across the blogosphere have helped drive a little hype for this Californian indie-folk-pop band. There’s even an interview with The Guardian. One aspect of the band which can be recognized in all the interviews and articles is that these kids – all roughly 19 – are horny. Teenage-blue-ball-horny. At least thats what you get from the (dirty) talks with songwriter and main man behind the band, Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg. Read the rest of this entry »


Best New Music 2010 – nr.22 – Skybox

15 04 2010

Skybox Album Cover

What if Simon & Garfunkel had tea and a joint with MGMT, The Descendants, and The KGB? You’d probably be fond of their offspring: Skybox.
The band has released two albums since forming in 2005. The first, Arco Iris (2006), was a bit more on the rocky side. The second, Morning After Cuts, was released January 2010 and has some über-chilled psychedelic-indie-rock-ness to it. Let’s have a listen. Read the rest of this entry »

Best New Music 2010 – nr. 20 – The Pass

8 03 2010

It doesn’t get much newer than this: The Pass have just brought out their very first EP, Colors, in February – and are currently recording an LP mixed by Alex Aldi (who worked with Passion Pit, The Walkmen, White Rabbits, etc.) [via IRC]

The available tracks are bright and funky – with tendencies to fall slightly in the vicinity of Phoenix, Passion Pit, and other New-Wave/Psychedelic-Pop bands – but are still fresh and clean. Read the rest of this entry »

Best New Music 2010 – nr.16 – Two Door Cinema Club

23 02 2010

image courtesy of
Peer pressure. That’s why I’m writing about Two Door Cinema Club. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just can’t decide if I actually want to say I like them. Fantastic songwriting and meticulous production – which may be precisely the problem. I feel like Doug Morris is standing in the mixing room saying “make me a hit” every time the engineer cues the recording. Maybe it’s just too good? Read the rest of this entry »

Best New Music 2010 – nr.12 – Beach House

18 02 2010

'Beach House' image courtesy of
It’s winter and we like it. But Beach House is getting hot, so it feels like summer. You will find them on many ‘bands to look out for’-lists, so we will duly note this Baltimore duo in this little list of our own.

I haven’t been ‘captured’ by a single song yet (which isn’t a bad thing at all)… but I do like Victoria Legrand’s voice and the garage-pop sound in general. It’s like a sweet goodnight story. ‘After 11 With A Bottle of Wine’ -music, if you will.

So let’s start things of with a nice live video of “Zebra”: Read the rest of this entry »

Best New Music 2010 – nr.4 – Everything Everything

28 01 2010

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Everything Everything captured me with a humorous but incredibly funky and happy song about Photoshop. I use Photoshop daily and listen to music whenever I can. So, music about Photoshop just works. Plus, they have a unique style which is musically credible and hilarious at the same time.

So, here’s “Photoshop Handsome” by Everything Everything Read the rest of this entry »

Best New Music 2010 – nr.3 – Good Shoes

27 01 2010

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I was actually planning on posting some awesomeness from Everything Everything but someone suggested Good Shoes and I just had to skip ahead. It’s only just started playing five minutes ago, but I’m liking it. Not necessarily ‘unique’… but more of a pleasant mix between The Kooks, Kaiser Chiefs, and some English humor. Read the rest of this entry »