What Is Bonk. Planning For 2010?

25 02 2010

Last year was the first functioning year of bonksnow.com and the Bonkalicious blog. The Design-A-Week Project was completed (!!) against all personal expectations, and some of the designs don’t even look that bad.

A number of lessons have been learned and 2010 is going to be a time to adjust and move forward.
So, what are we going to do this year? Read the rest of this entry »


Oogleable & Funkable: New Layout, New Playlists

19 03 2009

Our mothership (www.bonksnow.com) recently recieved a bit of a facelift, a prosthetic, and a new emotion. The new layout provides more space for pictures, so oogling can commence at full throttle. An old shepherd carved some fantastic headers out of wood (but we painted them). We made the whole site happier by going white and baby blue in the background to lift your spirits and remind you of fluffy white powder on blue bird days.
Most importantly, we have finally set up the Playlists section! Although currently VERY basic, this section will be evolving on weekends and long nights when the players are playing. Music for riding, chilling, driving up/down the mountain, standing in a gondola with smelly tourists (yes!), or having some good old fireplace food with friends. We have it all.
Reader feedback welcomed and playlist suggestions can be submitted on this bonkalicious blog (just write us a comment) or you can send an email to bonksnow@gmail.com

Frieden auf Bergen.
p.s. all designing currently on hold due to massive work overload and new found love for twitter. be sure to follow!