Design-A-Week 41: The World Through Kaleidoscope Eyes

19 10 2009

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Design-A-Week 39: Bonk Floyd – A Sunny Sunday Morning On The Dark Side Of The Moon

1 10 2009

A sunny Sunday morning with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon just calls for a psychedelic little tid-bit of trippy trappy trumpness.
No, I’m not on drugs – I just can’t wait ’til the first snow flakes start falling and my breath appears to softly say… “Winter’s here!” Read the rest of this entry »

Design-A-Week 38: Minimal Mtns.

29 09 2009

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Fireplace Food for Friends: Lykke Li

16 02 2009

A truly inspirational, outstanding, and intelligent artist. The first time I checked out Lykke Li’s myspace and heard “Tonight”, I ran straight to the piano. So simple, yet so complex. Her songs are a fascinating take on modern day songwriting and relieve the indie-lover of his pains in the succumbing times of commercial pop music (not that I should be speaking). Maybe it’s the scandivian roots, maybe it’s funky name – this music sticks like chewing gum in hair. More praise is not necessary, this music speaks for itself…

My recommendations are the ever so popular “Tonight”, “I’m Good, I’m Gone” and “Little Bit” (the rest is good too though). You can hear it all on her myspace page:

Fireplace Food for Friends: Rachael Yamagata

16 02 2009

An invitation to the concert sparked my interest in this singer/songwriter today. Not your usual monotony concerning styles, I think this could also work nicely in the setting of an after-riding-dinner-with-no-intentions-of-going-out. The latter is a strong point to consider as this music may be upbeat at times, but also incredibly deep and slow. Nonetheless it sits well in my memory and I would recommend it for a good old dinner in dim light, a few good friends, and a crackling fireplace nearby. Of course, thick snowfall outside would soothe the setting too – but so would a puff of enlightenment or a group of supermodel masseuses – catch my drift?

So now you wonder – what is this, how is this, and where can I get it? I recommend “Faster” as an introductory listen. Check out her myspace to hear more…