Bad Lighting Causes Nuclear Crash During Rushhour

17 02 2009

Tourists often claim that snowboarders and freeskiers are too wild, too dangerous, and just plain unnecessary on the slopes. A select few resorts have even banned this unacceptable behavior.
So we like to go fast. So we like to use lips and rollers to practice 360’s. So we get a kick out of spraying a pack of dutch skiers in jeans trying to slow down during their 1km/h ride. So we like to have some fun… But what were the French and British thinking when they managed to crash two nuclear submarines in the middle of the Atlantic? I would hope this mode of transport involves a big manual for the pilot entitled “handle with care”. On the other hand, we are speaking of the Atlantic – the middle of the Atlantic. There’s obviously limited space, traffic, scary creatures, and bad lighting… but a dead jellyfish would be better at avoiding big nuclear-powered monstrosities than these guys.
At least you know that tax money is providing funny stories for the morning news…