What The Hell Have We Been Up To?

23 05 2010

old trucks on new deck 2

You may have wondered where all the postage and sporadic activity went after a mildly successful start into the year. Twenty-something posts for new music, 10-ish posts for new designs, and a few other ramblings on nothing and nothingness.

Well, here are some excuses: Read the rest of this entry »


Best New Music 2010 – nr.24 – The Black Keys (Album Review)

5 05 2010

The Black Keys

Oh yes. We’re back on the rocker and this one’s a shocker. I don’t live in Florida anymore, I no longer have a car to blast my music from while speeding past fat police officers looking the wrong way with their speed guns, I can no longer wear sunglasses every day, but- I still feel like a king listening to this. Read the rest of this entry »

Best New Music 2010 – nr.23 – Avi Buffalo

28 04 2010

Avi Buffalo have been popping up here and there more and more. Mentions and reviews across the blogosphere have helped drive a little hype for this Californian indie-folk-pop band. There’s even an interview with The Guardian. One aspect of the band which can be recognized in all the interviews and articles is that these kids – all roughly 19 – are horny. Teenage-blue-ball-horny. At least thats what you get from the (dirty) talks with songwriter and main man behind the band, Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg. Read the rest of this entry »

Design-A-Week 2010 – nr.10 – Zoom, Color, Spring, Lines

23 04 2010

Bonk NK Big Color Read the rest of this entry »

Design-A-Week 2010 – nr.09 – Location Of Last Living Unicorn Revealed

22 04 2010

Bonk NK Bigger

Since the last posts have been rather short and we’re pretending to be all artsy today I’m just going to say Read the rest of this entry »

Design-A-Week 2010 – nr.11 – Happy 420 :)

20 04 2010

Bonk 420

I’m skipping a few posts to bring this one on time. Happy 420 everybody! Read the rest of this entry »