Design-A-Week 2010 – nr.12 – Bomb The Slopes (In A Peaceful Manner)

7 06 2010

Bomb The Slopes
How about we bomb the slopes with plumes of fresh powder? I like airplanes (and aeroplanes), I like mountains, and I like snow. So I called for an armada of Junker Ju52’s, stocked them up with our very own Asterisk and Raindropolix Snowbombs and let them do their thang. How’s that for use of war-planes in a war-less world.

Now that you’ve held your horses for so long you can finally let loose and enjoy EVEN MORE designs (that I will post about shortly).

Check out the rest of the Design-A-Week 2010 on!


….someone will be VERY happy with my use of “cheerio”!

Played while posting this post:
Ratatat – Party With Children
TOBACCO – Side 8
Keepaway – Yellow Wings

You can find more funky tunes in our Playlists section on




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