What The Hell Have We Been Up To?

23 05 2010

old trucks on new deck 2

You may have wondered where all the postage and sporadic activity went after a mildly successful start into the year. Twenty-something posts for new music, 10-ish posts for new designs, and a few other ramblings on nothing and nothingness.

Well, here are some excuses:
– birthday party
– intenso ping-pong
– South-African steaks grilled in Swiss mountain fireplace
– 40cm fresh powder
– end of season shredding
– new TV
– new computer
– I still suck (at syncing servers & sites)
– forgot book of passwords and admin files 600km away
– new skateboard

and so on.

I recently sifted through 6000+ photos- some of which will be posted on the Bonkalicious Flickr Feed. A few designs are ready for postage as soon as the site goes live again. In the meantime, find some tidbits on Facebook, and some doodles Twitter.

Some pics of my newest toy:
my latest toy

old trucks on new deck

skateboard foot perspective

Now that I have excused myself most formally, I’m off to go skate.

bis Später,
– Bonkalicious




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