Best New Music 2010 – nr.24 – The Black Keys (Album Review)

5 05 2010

The Black Keys

Oh yes. We’re back on the rocker and this one’s a shocker. I don’t live in Florida anymore, I no longer have a car to blast my music from while speeding past fat police officers looking the wrong way with their speed guns, I can no longer wear sunglasses every day, but- I still feel like a king listening to this.

I’m in an office with more office buildings outside the window. I’m surrounded by buzzing worker bees. I’m hiding behind a computer screen, slightly annoyed with the intern who keeps on farting…

…but listening to the new Black Keys album, I feel alright. I could just as well be cruising down a Californian highway in a 1972 Chevy Impala convertible, squashing flies with the windscreen like it’s my occupation.

Their sixth full length album, Brothers, is coming out May 18th, but I have a legal (!) copy right here, right now.
It starts off a little slow with mellow modern overdriven balladesque straight blues structure. First song, ‘nice’. Second song, ‘nicer’. Third song, ‘that’s more like it!’.

So, here’s song 3, “Tighten Up” (produced by Danger Mouse)

getting ready to rumble with “Howlin’ For You”

Song 5: at this point, I put the Chevy into gear, and start the cruise- “She’s Long Gone”:

The album goes on with more great songs like Sinister Kid, I’m Not The One, and These Days. However, they’re not available for streaming yet so you’ll just have to get yourself a copy of the album.
If you’ve never met the Black Keys, you need to check these out:

Til I Get My Way (2004)

10AM Automatic (2004)

Thickfreakness (2003)

Brothers is another step in the band’s blues-rock evolution with a little more honesty, romance, and sundown-porch-ponderings. The sound is growing up, while keeping it’s adolescent charm. Listening through the 15 tracks is like taking a trip through Auerbach’s mind & soul as he spends a sunny summer Sunday in Ohio, reflecting on love’s and lives.

A genuine, heart-warming, cruising album. It may have leaked already, but be a good sport and support these great rockers by buying their album (or at least going to see them live).

Also, make sure you check out the Blakroc project (a collaborative studio endeavor with hip hop legends Mos Def, Pharoah Monch, RZA and many more).

Rock on,
– Bonkalicious
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