Design-A-Week 2010 – nr.09 – Location Of Last Living Unicorn Revealed

22 04 2010

Bonk NK Bigger

Since the last posts have been rather short and we’re pretending to be all artsy today I’m just going to say the blue line on the left resembles a road (to the next mountain?). The little triangle up top (above the K) is the blue sky we hope for every day, atop the big snowy mountain below it.  The thick white back of the K resembles the massive amounts of snow we expect next season. The slightly curved line you see when zooming in at 2000% shows the amount of beers we drank in the 09/10 season. The purple undertone of the midget hidden under the N is a reflection of the treasure map showing the exact location of a box containing a key to a room with the answer to man’s one and only important question: “are unicorns real?

Yea right. Fool!
– Bonkalicious
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Played while posting this post:
The Unicorns – Jellybones

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