Best New Music 2010 – nr.22 – Skybox

15 04 2010

Skybox Album Cover

What if Simon & Garfunkel had tea and a joint with MGMT, The Descendants, and The KGB? You’d probably be fond of their offspring: Skybox.
The band has released two albums since forming in 2005. The first, Arco Iris (2006), was a bit more on the rocky side. The second, Morning After Cuts, was released January 2010 and has some über-chilled psychedelic-indie-rock-ness to it. Let’s have a listen.

To start things off, here’s my current favorite; a new angle on “Brim Full Of Asha”,  called “In A Dream”:

from Arco Iris, here’s “Various Kitchen Utensils”

great for a cruise: “The Silly People Things Say”

and one to say good night: “Gravity Can’t Keep Us Down (Unless We’re On Earth)”

Be sure to check out for their latest tour dates and go pick up the latest album (Morning After Cuts) in your record store of choice!

over & out,

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