Best New Music 2010 – nr. 20 – The Pass

8 03 2010

It doesn’t get much newer than this: The Pass have just brought out their very first EP, Colors, in February – and are currently recording an LP mixed by Alex Aldi (who worked with Passion Pit, The Walkmen, White Rabbits, etc.) [via IRC]

The available tracks are bright and funky – with tendencies to fall slightly in the vicinity of Phoenix, Passion Pit, and other New-Wave/Psychedelic-Pop bands – but are still fresh and clean.

Great for a sunny day, a chill session by the lake, or a cruise down fresh groomers – here’s “Colors”:

The Pass has had quite the DIY attitude up until now – hence the quality of the recordings and videos – yet the songs are very well written, the singer has a great voice, and the general feel is just feel good.

“Red Square” by The Pass

“Crosswalk Stereo” by The Pass (the DIY version is the only one I could find for streaming – the album version is A LOT better)

you can hear a better version here

That’s all there is available so far (for streaming), but the EP “Colors” is available through your music store of choice. More importantly, a very promising album mixed by Alex Aldi is coming out this year! Make sure you check their myspace regularly and check for videos on YouTube (they only have 1400 views at the mo).

See yas,
– Bonkalicious

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