Best New Music 2010 – nr. 18 – Man/Miracle

5 03 2010

If you liked the early laid-back roadtrip music we all know from Kings of Leon, you will certainly enjoy this fresh mix of drums, guitars, bass, sans synthesizers. Man/Miracle just released their debut LP, The Shape of Things, yesterday (March 3rd). It’s got some dark sides, bright sides, slow sides, and fast sides. A little bit everything packed in an atmosphere of original song-writing from the soul.

Now that your panties are wet, let’s have a listen:

Great for a wake-up, or a lazy Friday afternoon; “Hot Sprawl”

“Aboce The Salon” by Man/Miracle

“Pushing And Shoving” by Man/Miracle

“Other People” by Man/Miracle

Man/Miracle are showing up all over the internet in recent days, and after their shows at SXSW they will surely have a great base to launch from this year.

I’m off to meet Robbie Williams,
– Bonkalicious

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