What Is Bonk. Planning For 2010?

25 02 2010

Last year was the first functioning year of bonksnow.com and the Bonkalicious blog. The Design-A-Week Project was completed (!!) against all personal expectations, and some of the designs don’t even look that bad.

A number of lessons have been learned and 2010 is going to be a time to adjust and move forward.
So, what are we going to do this year?

  • Redesign bonksnow.com:
    1. Improve the UE and general structure of the site – less clutter, less babble.
    2. Move the photo galleries to the Bonkalicious Flickr Stream
    3. Redesign the structure of the Playlists page. A long list of songs just isn’t gonna do it. Embedded/integrated players and streaming is an option.
  • Products (starting mid/late 2010)
    1. T-shirts
    2. Stickers

Obviously we can’t, will not, and most definitely should not promise anything, but the aforementioned are our goals and are hereby set in stone/deletable-type.

Stay up to date, in touch, in the know, and whatever else by following @Shredibility on Twitter, becoming a Fan on facebook, following the Bonkalicious Flickr Stream, and regularly visiting bonksnow.com!

Much love,
The Bonkers




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