Best New Music 2010 – nr.16 – Two Door Cinema Club

23 02 2010

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Peer pressure. That’s why I’m writing about Two Door Cinema Club. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just can’t decide if I actually want to say I like them. Fantastic songwriting and meticulous production – which may be precisely the problem. I feel like Doug Morris is standing in the mixing room saying “make me a hit” every time the engineer cues the recording. Maybe it’s just too good?

Fact is, it doesn’t suck, and it is guaranteed to blow up this year. A mix of Bloc Party, Phoenix, and Owl City can’t miss the current cool kids’ cassette deck.

So, let’s start with a very likeable song, with a soft guitar melody and singalong lyrics – all to the beat of an English dancefloor: ‘Undercover Martyn’

Very energetic, and quite the head-nodder, this is ‘Cigarettes In A Theatre’

This is the first single, ‘I Can Talk’, released in November 2009:

“Something Good Can Work” is a bit more positive, yet also more for the ladies, in my opinion. I just don’t like rumba-rhythms…

and here’s a goodnight story; ‘Do You Want It All’

So, what do you think? Do you like it? Should I like it?

Two Door Cinema Club are releasing their debut album ‘Tourist History’ on March 1st, via the French label Kitsune. Keep your ears out for these guys- it’s the best thing to come out of Bangor and Donaghadee (Northern  Ireland), in a long time.

– Bonkalicious

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