Best New Music 2010 – nr.15 – Blood Red Shoes

22 02 2010

image courtesy of
Guitarist + drummer, female + male. Looks good to me.
…And so do Blood Red Shoes. They don’t sound too bad either. Hailing from Brighton (the English seaside), this young pair are bringing out their second album soon, and we’re here to have a listen.

“I Wish I Was Someone Better”, from their 2007 debut album Box of Secrets:

a bit more jumpy, here’s “It’s Getting Boring By The Sea”

The available tracks  from the new album (coming March 1st) are darker, more serious, and have a lot more rebellious anger – but they still have charm.
This is probably the angriest one I’ve heard – I like it – but I don’t know if Kurt Cobain would be too proud of them (there may be a slight similarity here).
It just came out today, called “Light It Up”, so give it a listen:

“Keeping It Close” is another nice one from the album. At first I thought the producer changed his mind in the middle of the song, so be aware of abrupt changes. After a couple of repetitions it’s actually quite a nice development,  like a breath of fresh air after the fourth pint in a stuffy bar.
Check it out, here’s “Keeping It Close”:

The new album, called Fire Like This, is coming out on March 1st, so keep your eyes & ears out. Blood Red Shoes are also one to watch live, so check out their myspace for the latest tour updates.

Rock on,
– Bonkalicious

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