Best New Music 2010 – nr.14 – Shout Out Louds

19 02 2010

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Sweden has proven long ago to be a great birthplace for music and artists (and beautiful women). One of the many wonders of Swedish indie-culture are the Shout Out Louds. You’ve heard the name before, you’ve heard their songs, you may even have the last album – but you’re about to want more. There’s a brand new album coming out next Tuesday (Feb. 23rd) called “Work”, and it is definitely something to look out for.

This is the song you should know from 2007. If you don’t know “Tonight I Have To Leave It”, you can blame your uncool friends:

“Impossible” is another one you should have heard from the 2007 album “Ill’s Wills”:

and now to the new songs from “Work” (coming Feb. 23rd), this is “Fall Hard”

“Walls”, also from the new album:

The critics, the fans, the unknowing stumblers, and everyone else just love these guys (and girl). “Work” will definitely be headlining the cassette deck concerts on many a roadtrip this spring and summer.

Hej då,

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