Best New Music 2010 – nr.13 – Dark Dark Dark

18 02 2010

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I spent the past 2 hours listening to good, mediocre, and shitty bands – looking for your next big music fix. Then, I came across Dark Dark Dark, and felt it was time to share. They are like a big group of gypsies who make fantastic music and probably even shower once a day. There are very positive reviews from online critics and there’s also an EP for 2010 – “Bright Bright Bright”.

So grab a mug of beer, hoist the sails, and whistle through the winds listening to “New York Song”:

Here’s the newest song, called “Bright Bright Bright”

Thanks to Supply & Demand (the record label housing Dark Dark Dark), here is an AWESOME remix of “Junk Bones” by Odd Nosdam.
Dark Dark Dark – Junk Bones (Odd Nosdam Remix) – free mp3 download

We will end with an incredibly beautiful song, called “Something For Myself”. Sadly, I can’t find the track anywhere online for streaming/embedding, so the best I can do is send you where you can also check out their other songs and tour dates.

Dark Dark Dark are playing a number of shows and festivals soon, including SXSW, so if the critics aren’t raving already, they will be by the end of March.

See ya chums,

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Best New Music 2010 – nr.13 – Dark Dark Dark



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