Best New Music 2010 – nr.9 – Gold Panda

1 02 2010

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Here’s another downtempo, chilled, electronic mishmash of soothing sounds and samples. Gold Panda is a bit of a mysterious artist – at least for now, there’s a hype, but there’s no real information about the guy.

So if you have any info, let me know. ‘It’ has apparently been remixing tracks for Bloc Party and Little Boots, so if the members of either group would kindly contact me, this would be much appreciated.

So what do I know? Gold Panda is a bit like DJ Shadow or Bonobo but with a more oriental style. He’s apparently a bit obsessed with Japan (according to the BBC he sold his entire record collection to get there). So let’s call it Asiatic samples laid on Four-tet-like electro-ticker-rhythms.

Here’s ‘Quitters Raga’:

and here’s a little more uptempo “Back Home”

and a bit more abstract but still beautiful, “Long Vacation”

There are at least two new songs coming out at an unknown date in 2010, called “Charlie Alex March” and “Banjo or Freakout”. Judging by the accumulation of tracks from 2009, there may even be a very interesting Album coming at some point this year.

– Bonkalicious

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