Best New Music 2010 – nr.8 – Bonobo

31 01 2010

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Dishonest: I’ve been in the loop for years, he’s a personal friend, and I know every piece of hotness that’s out there.
Honest: I was on facebook and a friend posted a video which encouraged me to revisit this much appraised artist.

Bonobo is one of those that hang in a mellow pose beneath the surface, offering food at all times for any takers. Passerby’s may be invigorated by the interesting texture and the smooth mix of sounds, but their appetite is held at bay until they take a proper bite.

I took the big bite checking out “Flutter” and was instantly hooked.

“Days To Come” is another fascinating song – this is a live performance you must see. The actual song starts around 02:00 but the intro is well worth it.

A little bit more up-tempo downtempo is ‘Silver’ from “M is For Monkey” released in 2006.

And now for the latest release, “The Keeper” released in September 2009.

The new Album “Black Sands” featuring the “The Keeper” will be released on 29th March, 2010. Definitely something to look out for!

Bon Voyage,

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