Best New Music 2010 – nr.3 – Good Shoes

27 01 2010

image courtesy of

I was actually planning on posting some awesomeness from Everything Everything but someone suggested Good Shoes and I just had to skip ahead. It’s only just started playing five minutes ago, but I’m liking it. Not necessarily ‘unique’… but more of a pleasant mix between The Kooks, Kaiser Chiefs, and some English humor.

This is the first single from the next Album (No Hope, No Future), called “Under Control”

I feel like this is a cover (or I’ve know it for ages). If you know where they stole from- please let me know. It’s bothering me.

If you were doubting their musical abilities, check out the doodling around 01:20…

In general I would call this a fun band. Nice songs sufficient substance and lots of melody. Drums rumble quickly and harmonies plus doodles make a full package of English-grown Indie-Pop-Rock. I’m gonna throw in some pessimism and say they won’t make it past the second album unless they have a song that makes us forget The Kooks. Maybe that’s why the album is called ‘No Hope, No Future”…?

…but, it grabbed me at the first listen so that’s why I posted. The better songs are on their myspace, so be sure to check that out.

now back to the post on Everything Everything.


P.S. You can find the funkiest of tunes in our Playlists section on!




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