Best New Music 2010 – nr.1 – Mayer Hawthorne

26 01 2010

Ok. So, part of the blog concept for 2009 was to provide you with the awesomest of awesome music…
…but that never really happened…

I told you what was played while posting posts, and added a few nice artists to the Fireplace Food For Friends series at the beginning of the year – but… that was it.
So, this year there will be at least one quality artist, song, or album presented each week. Guaranteed (sort of).

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To start things off, we’ll be listening to some Mayer Hawthorne.

“Mayer Hawthorne (born Andrew Mayer Cohen in 1979) is a singer, producer, songwriter, arranger, audio engineer, DJ, rapper and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, California, USA.” – Wikipedia

The first song I heard was a bit mellow, pretty damn funky, and smoother than a silk bedspread. Here it is, “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” by Mayer Hawthorne:

I perused Youtube for some other videos and was totally excited by “Maybe So, Maybe No”. It is incredibly funky – plus, the video includes skating, the California chillax lifestyle, and images of pure funk. Check it out:

Mayer Hawthorne’s first LP, A Strange Arrangement, was released on Stones Throw Records on September 8, 2009. I haven’t had the chance to hear the whole thing, but the 5 out of 12 tracks I have heard are unique and fascinating – for a calm night with friends, or a funky cruise in the car – this guy’s got soul.

The Bonker

P.S. You can find the funkiest of tunes in our Playlists section on!




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