Design-A-Week 52: It’s A Wrap! 52 Designs in 52 Weeks.

8 01 2010

52 designs in 52 weeks and we still have plenty of work to do…
At least I managed to compile a big pile of potential designs for some form of apparel or appearance.

This one has some of my favorite claims or phrases from the Bonk designs of 2009. The idea for the layout was taken from a Nixon t-shirt which I bought about 6 years ago and still love to this day, sans the grizzly bear silhouette.

Make sure you check out the entire (finished) Design-A-Week project on!

There will be a bunch of wrap-up posts coming in the next few days highlighting our favorite designs, new playlists, a 2009 Music Review, and a big fat To Do (or rather ‘should’ve done’) list for the coming year. See you soon!

Played while posting this post:
Everything Everything – Photoshop Handsome
Crash Kings – Mountain Man
Lawrence Arabia – The Beautiful Young Crew
The Voluntary Butler Scheme – Tabasco Sole

Find the funkiest of tunes in the Playlists section on




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