Design-A-Week 45: First Flake To Last Drop

20 11 2009

Alright, I’m keeping this short, simple, and honest. We all enjoyed Special Blend’s wordplay in the last years’ ad’s using “First Chair, Last Call” as a fantastic slogan to represent die-hard riders (and alcoholics). I’m not so sure anyone appreciates O’Niell’s attempt at using the exact same tactic with a different (worse) slogan: “First In Last Out”.

It is understandable that small möchte-gern companies and designers (like me) follow the paths and tactics of the big players, but why does O’Niell – one of the oldest brands in the industry – have to copy someone else? They could have gotten something 12.6 times better from a one-legged elephant living in a Parisian zoo.

So, as harsh words call to action or to shut up, I present you with my own interpretation of the ‘slogan for die-hard riders’.

At Bonk. we don’t just appreciate the full day, from sunrise to sunset (maybe a slogan for surf companies? trademark pending…), we cherish the entire season, “from the first flake to the last drop”

Your turn, big boys.

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p.s. anyone remember FIFO for expiring products? nerd alert!

Played while posting this post:
Silence (I just spent a week in Hong Kong and it was LOUD)

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