Design-A-Week 39: Bonk Floyd – A Sunny Sunday Morning On The Dark Side Of The Moon

1 10 2009

A sunny Sunday morning with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon just calls for a psychedelic little tid-bit of trippy trappy trumpness.
No, I’m not on drugs – I just can’t wait ’til the first snow flakes start falling and my breath appears to softly say… “Winter’s here!”

It’s getting colder and colder, and …colder… but like a game of Marc’O’Polo with a 3 year old, it’s taking a while to find us. At least we can safely say ‘Autumn is here’, hence the not so bright and jippy colors in this design. I find them quite soothing, the prisms are smoothing, and I can’t think of anything else but ‘oothing’ to finish my rhyme without loothing…?

enough of that. I like it. Do you?

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Played while posting this post:
Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon

You can find more funky tunes in our Playlists section on!




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