Design-A-Week 31: Asterisk’s Fun With Colored Paper

3 08 2009

As soon as I got to the fifth cutout I realized this was all going to look really quirky, and pretty ugly… That’s pretty much exactly what happened- but I am a great friend of chaos (especially when it’s brightly colored). This one is supposed to be our little babyflake (center) going through all the fun and colorful stages of its exciting flaky life.
Right, that’s bullshit.
I was bored on Sunday and wanted to see if I could make it look like cutouts in layers of colored paper. I was going to redo the whole thing with correct proportions, but correct just sounded so wrong. I added a meek attempt at homemade paper texture (noise & blur) and played a little with the shading. And once again, this looks like a kindergarten art project (I’d give it a C+ for effort).

What grade would you give it?

And what grade would you give my other designs? Check them out in the Design-A-Week project over at!

Played while posting this post:
Jemina Pearl – I Hate People (Feat Iggy Pop)
Taken By Cars – Uh Oh
Uncommonmenfrommars – Coconut Island
Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings
Atlas Sound (Feat Noah Lennox) – Walkabout

You can find more funky tunes in our Playlists section on!




2 responses

24 08 2009
shibby shabby

triiippy cutouts! the bigger version on the site really brings out the paper effect.. like it

24 08 2009

i like your 80’s styles in the last few designs. keep it up!

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