Design-A-Week 26: Optical Illusions & Happy Birthday!

14 07 2009

“Happy buh-dizzle fo shizzle mah nizzle!” said Snoop.
“Thank you, dear sir. May I offer you some tea?” asked the English dude. “Aight” replied the slightly stoned gangster.

No, I’m not an English dude. No, I’m not Snoop. It’s not my birthday, but I am a gangster. And our dear, time-consuming, creativity draining, brain-juice-drying Design-A-Week project turned 26 weeks old! that’s half a year, btw.

So far there have been great weeks, good weeks, not so good weeks, and really bad weeks. Due to increased travel it got a little tough to finish the designs for each Sunday, upload the images, update the website, tweet something useless, and blog about the whole process. The idea is to keep you involved, but the hardest part is involving myself.

A lot has been learned, and a lot more is to be learned. I am planning a miniature shirt line for end of August/September. It will be so miniature (the amount, not the shirts) that I might end up keeping them all. If you’re interested wearing one, drop us an email at or tweet to @Shredibility.

…So what’s with the optical illusions? Well, for the tentative readers of the Bonkalicious Blog (that’s right here) – or better yet, the regular visitors of the Design-A-Week project at –  had the limited chance to view one of my favorite creations; a poster for an event that happened on a balcony last year, but will take place on the mountain this year. I don’t think anyone has used the potential of the goggle-tan as much as I, therefore I’ve taken the event poster down until further notice. Just to keep the goggle-tanning business in the family…

And thus in replacement I present you two little bits of fun- some optical illusions I created. I didn’t think it was so easy to create the illusions I used to scavenge in the school library as a primary school student, focusing and unfocusing my eyes to find the zebra, lion, child, bus, or whatever they had hidden between the lines.

Since I shrink the images for this blog, the illusions may not be as exciting as they could be. To get the bigger, better size, hop on over to the Design-A-Week project at!

Played (/viewed) while posting this post:
Futurama – Benders Game

Sorry I’ve been lagging on the new music and watching TV Shows while posting, but I just love Futurama. Nevertheless, you can still find more fresh & funky tunes in our Playlists section on




2 responses

15 07 2009
UK Website Designers

These are cool, but give me a headache!

16 07 2009

I think it may be because one of the lines (out of about 200) is one pixel out of place… I’ll provide aspirins next time I’m make headache designs 😉

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