The Best Magazine Cover Ever

5 07 2009
The best snowboard magazine cover ever (Rider: Marko Grilc - Girl: some russian chick - Photo: unknown

The best snowboard magazine cover ever (Rider: Marko Grilc - Girl: unknown - Photo: unknown

Possibly the best snowboard magazine (& cover) I’ve ever come across. Pleasure Snowboard Magazine focuses mainly on European events and riders, high level photography (every issue has a fantastic gallery adhering to a certain theme), and remarkable graphic design. Although it covers mostly European events (big and small), it never fails to report on the international events and all riders/happenings from north to south, east to west. It also documents trips to unknown spots, far-away mountains, and unusual riding countries. Such as the homemade Heise Park:

source: Amplid / A.R.C Blog

Sadly the magazine’s website ( is still the same as a few years ago, and now as then offers absolutely nothing in comparison to the high quality print issues. If I was a little bit better at web design I would offer them my services, as their monthly reader base of roughly 70,000 could easily grow in the fast paced web environment. But then again, Pleasure is one of the few (if only) snowboard magazines that prints on thick, high quality, glossy paper – and maybe that’s what we love about it. Not even heavy snowflakes can destroy this mag’s cover…

Unfortunately I left my copy of this issue somewhere in Switzerland, and am very dissapointed in myself (especially because it’s impossible to find it on the web). That’s also why I can only name the rider, but not the the girl, or the lucky photographer. If you know more, or want to send me your copy, let me know!

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