Design-A-Week 24: Drop It Like It’s Hot

19 06 2009

What does a candle do when it gets hot? It get’s wet, slippery, starts dripping, and when it can’t hold back it makes a mess on whatever it’s currently on top of…

Sometimes messy can be nice, bzw. (sorry there’s no suitable English abbr.) sometimes messy can be clear. The intention of this design was a very colorful, saturated image with the whole rainbow spectrum included. But after being absolutely disappointed with the result, I played with filters, had a drink, played with more filters, change the background color and accidentally altered the layer blending modes of various layers. And then I saw this wonderfully simple wax-droppings-representation of Bonk.

Voila. I like mistakes.

I ******* suggest checking out the rest of the Design-A-Week project over at

Played while posting this post:
The Bird and the Bees – La La La
Dan Rossen – Waterfall
Los Campesinos! – We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
The Apples In Stereo – Other
the opera scene in The Fifth Element [(it’s on TV) it’s awesome]

You can find more funky tunes in our Playlists section on




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