Design-A-Week 16: Summer Shredding

22 04 2009

It was a nice long Easter weekend with lots of food, partying, sun, and relaxation. The warm weather, the sun, the short skirts – they work like magnets when considering going down to the lake or staying indoors. But what about those big, monstrous mounds of magnificence just kilometers away, covered with the last little flakes of snow and the first sprouts of grass?
Well, apparently the poles weren’t configured right. Or I wasn’t thinking straight. Either way – the shock only sets in after you land back at home and see the pictures on your wall… ‘the season is over’…
…but luckily we are still blessed with a few glaciers. Saas Fee (CH) provides good food, beer, entertainment, and lots of dart boards which make for a fantastic summer shredding session! So, in foresight for that goodness, this incredibly simple (and possibly not post-worthy?) design goes to show some excitement towards the outstanding summer activities.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Design-A-Week project at – a new design every week!

Played while writing this post:
Jefferson Airplane – Stop Children What’s That Sound
Handsome Boy Modeling School – Holy Calamity
Common – The 6th Sense
Jay-Z – 30 Something
DJ Yoda/The Chemical Brothers – Salmon Dance (Fabriclive 39)

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