Design-A-Week 15: Bring Your Goggles To The Beach

14 04 2009

Flowers are blossoming, skirts are shortening, sunglasses are covering pale faces, and goggle tans are slowly fading away. The end of a fantastic season is crawling around the corner and we just wanted to remind you to bring your goggles to the beach. There’s nothing like a summer sessions goggle tan.

So, what fits best to spring time fragrances, green grass sprouts, easter egg hunts, and late nights without jackets?
Green. Lots of green. Preferrably light, neon, lime, or grass green. And a little bit of crunchy white to remember the suffering glaciers, those cracking old folks we love so much. In honor of the great goggle tan we also flipped our ‘B’ into the new bonkalicious ‘Goggle-B’, aka ‘B-Tan’. Beautiful girls have been telling me that lime green and white is the way to go…so we’ll go going that way…

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Played while writing this post (and doing other things):
Marching Band – For Your Love
Stereolab – Chemical Chords
All Get Out – Coach Connor
Blur – “Charmless Man”,
Prints – “Me And Ms. Archer”
The Good China – “All Nothing”
The Hush Sound – “Medicine Man”
Team B – “On My Mind”
Mother Mother – “Wrecking Ball”
Thomas Tantrum – “Swam Lake”

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