Design-A-Week 13 – Medieval Times, Prepare For Battle

7 04 2009

Bonk Shield
A bit of a random design inspired by a club’s image campaign, this one takes us back to the old days… the really old days. Considering the current financial crisis (and all others simultaneously providing daily news) we might need to go back to the roots and prepare for a good old battle against hardship, poverty, consumer-meltdowns, and the vigilant Knights of Business Destruction. There are medicines, biological weapons, atomic submarines, virus protection programmes, police on segways – but nothing as strong as the time-tested wooden shield.
So the obvious step is to prepare a medieval emblem suited for all forms of warfare. If, for any reason, any entity decides to attack Bonklapore, Bonkinesia, St. Bonkersburg, or any other Bonkity- we will be smacking some tanks up and carving wooden shields with our fancy new design. Better safe than sorry, right?

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