Design-A-Week 9 – Introduction to Typographic Experimentation

1 03 2009

Text Vector Green
Week 9 was a rather eventful riding week, yet more or less completely neglected design week. There was fresh, deep powder for days. The snow just kept coming and coming, and coming and coming. Pillows, bonks, cliffs, tree runs – anything was possible. Fresh tracks were completely covered by the time we got back to them.
So Sunday was designer-scrunch day. After force-feeding the brain with design ideas, I decided to construct a piece I had been trying to figure out for a while. Incredibly simple in terms of components, the 3D effect of the ‘bonk’ is what convinced me to post it.
As soon as I was done I saw a gallery featuring some fantastic typography experiments – and I dared to try my own. It took time and patience, and didn’t really turn out how it should have. But the base is there and everything is editable.
Typeface Frenzy Brown
check out all the other designs from the design-a-week series here.
Anyone who hasn’t experienced the goodness of Laax (CH) should leave those hills and head for the mountains…




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